Contact us at scotbinders@protonmail.com with any other questions

Who is eligible for a binder?

Anyone living in Scotland is eligible to apply, whether you are trans, genderqueer, butch, non-binary, questioning, or anything else!

We only ask that you are in genuine need and can’t afford to buy a binder.

Where do you ship to?

We only send binders to Scottish addresses. Aside from that, you can ask for your binder to be posted anywhere in the country.

Point of Pride ship internationally if you aren’t in Scotland.

Is the packaging marked?

No, the packaging will only have your name and address on so nobody will know what is inside.

Can I exchange a size?

Sure! If you measured wrong and your binder doesn’t fit or you’ve gone up or down a size then we would ask you to post your old binder back to us so someone else can use it. Its really important your binder fits well so don’t be shy and get in touch if the size is wrong.

Do you have an age limit?

No we don’t, but make sure you read the advice section first as binding can affect you as you grow. If your chest is still developing or is relatively small, you might find a sports bra could work for you. Sports bras are easier to come by and cheaper too!

Can I donate a binder or money?

Yeah! We would love to take any unused binders if you can post them to us. We’ll wash all binders before sending them out to people. Please get in touch to arrange this. We don’t currently accept monetary donations.

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