Scottish Binder Scheme

Free chest binders for those who need them in Scotland.

We have changed the way we operate due to our changing life circumstances. Instead of requesting a binder, you can now chose from our available stock. Look at the Apply page for the current stock and contact form.

This binder scheme is run by volunteers and is not-for-profit. Get in touch for donations or questions at scotbinders@protonmail.com.

Measuring and Styles

Find out the different style options and how to measure yourself.


Learn how to bind safely and find out where to get support.


Once you know what you want, have measured yourself, and read the advice, apply for a free binder.

About the scheme

The people running this scheme are Scotland-based queers who have experience of binding themselves. After volunteering and working in the queer community for years and seeing people needing binders but not being able to afford them, we decided to set this scheme up to help.

If you have a used binder, we are happy to accept second-hand binders at any time to redistribute! Contact us at scotbinders@protonmail.com