Measuring and Styles

Step 1 – Measure up.

You need to measure your body to get the right binder size. Grab a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, try using a piece of string to measure your body, cut it, then lay it against a ruler to get the measurement in inches. Be honest about your measurements. A binder too small will just make it hard to breathe and be uncomfortable. Measuring is best done without clothes on.

Send us the measurement in inches or cm.

Chest measurement – wrap the measuring tape around your chest, front and back, at the largest part of you chest (usually the tape will be aligned with your nipples). The tape measure should be pulled taut.

Rib measurement – wrap the tape around your body just under your chest tissue so it is lying against your rig cage at the widest part of your chest, the same as where the band of a bra would sit. Again this should be taut against your skin.

Shoulder measurement – this is straight across the top of your shoulders from point to point. Stand straight and relax. You might need someone to help with this one.

Step 2 – Choose your style

There are two main types of binder, half and full. The half stops above your belly button and can be cooler in hot weather. The full goes down to your hips, compressing your stomach, and can tuck into your trousers. The only difference is personal taste and what is available at the time of application.

Binder shop gc2b have examples of both styles to take a look at.

You may also want to request a specific colour. Common colours are white, brown, cream and black, though if the colour you want isn’t available we’ll get the next best thing.

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